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What Our Readers Say

This is the type of publication that the new digital format is made for. The subject is not main stream enough for a traditional publication. This is clearly a book written by modellers for modellers. The text is clear and concise and the great selection of crisp pictures is welcome. Highly recommended.

Julien Dixon

Engaging, well written and accessible titles!

Anthony Oliver

Love the eBook format! Detailed descriptions + images of the actual product used are great! Well done KLP!

Carl Gerard

great subjects well presented at a really good price

Brent Simpson

You’re producing some great products here.

Adam Dormer

Anyone who hasn’t looked at this series should really check it out. All of the builds are top-notch and truly inspirational. Some of the best modeling references available at a price that can’t be beat!

Rockie Yarwood

…these books are super for the price and packed with great info/techniques. When you consider most magazines are around $10 and full of adds, your books are 200 plus pages of detail and techniques and no adds. They are always on your computer, you can print a few pages for reference if you need them.

Dan Gregory

Keep up the great work! Fantastic publications!!!

Aaron Kirkwood

Your guides are top notch!

Stephen Sutton

I love the books. They’re very informative, the photography is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and using them.

Alan Lundeen

Please keep them coming, they are brilliant😉👍

Jan Johansson

I love the way you lay these ebooks out for easy reading and reference!

Tim Hudson