Karim Bibi

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1981 and have always had an immeasurable fondness for everything aviation related. When I was but a child, I remember gazing out to the sky to look at airplanes flying over and that still has not changed to this day. This passion kept growing during my early adulthood and laid the first stone to my ongoing 15-year career as an airline pilot.

Curious about the flying machines and their mechanical aspects, it was but natural for me to get into scale modelling after seeing my father spend his early evenings building a TBM Avenger when I was a kid. As all of us, I drifted away from the hobby during my 20s and came back to scale modelling in 2012, starting with tank models, then to 1/32 aircraft and more specifically World War One aircraft.

I am the proud father of a young budding modeller. We live with ginger our Chihuahua and I have been flying on the Airbus A350 for the past five years.

Below is a selection of Karim’s models:

Karim’s KLP Titles