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“Building the Zoukei-Mura Ki-45 Kai Tei in 1/32 Scale” is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that our latest eBook, Building the Zoukei-Mura Ki-45 Kai Tei in 1/32 Scale, by Jan Gabauer, is now available!

In this 96-page eBook, Jan takes you through the building, painting, and finishing of the terrific 1/32 scale Ki-45 Kai Tei kit from Zoukei-Mura. Jan navigates the complexities of the build with aplomb, offering tips for overcoming the particular challenges of this kit. The process is very instructive, and results are quite spectacular!

Also included is a brief tutorial on Jan’s paint chipping technique, along with the usual appendices covering aftermarket products and reference titles.

This Build Guide in downloadable eBook format retails for just 12 Australian dollars.

And as with all our books, should any updates be required, anyone who purchased the pre-update version gets lifetime free access to all subsequent updated versions! All new purchasers will of course receive the updated version automatically.

Note: all our prices are in Australian dollars.

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“Building the Fly Arado Ar 234” is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announced that our latest Build Guide, Building the Fly Arado Ar 234 in 1/32 Scale, is now available!

Written by Kent Karlsen, this 154-page eBook sees Kent build not one, but two examples of the Fly 1/32 scale Ar 234 kit—a superb diorama featuring an Ar 234B-2, and a no-less impressive conversion to the four-engine Ar 234 V-6.

The book costs 15 Australian dollars, and can be purchased and downloaded from our web store:

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“Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models” is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that our latest eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, is now available!

In this 473-page eBook, Jason Gares (renowned author, modeller, and host of the recently-retired Video Workbench YouTube channel) compiles a terrific series of articles he originally wrote for the now-defunct Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller magazine.

The book’s flagship feature kicks things off with a massive 80-plus page build article on Jason’s fantastic Star Wars vignette, These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For.

The seven articles that follow it cover a terrific range of sci-fi and fantasy modelling, including building and painting figures, making bases, building resin kits, and doing your own resin casting.


This digital title is available in two editions: Standard and Signed. If you choose the Signed edition, Jason will send you a signed and personalised digital certificate via email upon completion of your order. (Please be aware that this option requires some manual handling, so a allow a little time for Jason to do his thing.)

All this for just 20 Australian dollars, or $23 for the Signed edition! Go grab a copy now.

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A Glitch in the Matrix!

Thanks to a bungled software update on the website a few days ago, some important features had become disabled. One of these was the email notification feature, which sends an email out to subscribers notifying them of new content on the site. This means that many of you were not notified about yesterday’s post, in which I outlined the next five titles in our publication pipeline.

So, partly to address that issue, and partly to test that the notification emails are working again, I’ve linked that post below, for those who might have missed it.

And of course, apologies to those of you who have seen it already!

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Sneak Preview of Our Coming Titles!

The release of our next eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, is imminent, with only the final proofing and some promotional materials to be done.

Look out for the official launch announcement soon!

In the meantime, we’ve firmed up our next five titles, and thought we’d just post some teaser cover images to whet your appetites!

The eagle-eyed among you will note that we have three returning authors (Karim Bibi, John Kim, & Chuck Sawyer), and one debutante to the KLP stable (Pete Fleischmann). All of these modellers are exceptional, as are their respective builds. They are also fantastically instructional, and I’m looking forward to being able to bring these digital titles to you guys. The order for release has not been set in stone yet, but look out for official announcements in future updates!

Note that these covers are provisional at this stage, and subject to change before release.

As always, if you have any suggestions for topics or subjects you’d like to see covered, leave a comment on this post, or contact me directly.


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First Draft of “Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models” Complete!

I’m pleased to announce that the first draft of our next eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, has been completed! While this may sound like it’s only the halfway point, Jason and I have in fact been refining the book iteratively, which means that it only has a little way to go now, before it’s ready for launch. The page count currently sits at 475, making it our second-largest title so far!

Give us a couple of weeks to make any final adjustments, and we’ll be able to unleash it onto an unsuspecting populace!

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“Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models” Reaches 400 Pages!

Our next eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, has just reached 400 pages! This book is in its final stages of production, and all going well, should be available in the next 2-3 weeks. It features eight of Jason’s excellent sci-fi and fantasy projects, including a flagship article on Jason’s award-winning Bandai Star Wars Droids vignette.

Stay tuned for the official launch!

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“Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models” Passes 300 Pages!

Work continues apace on our next title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, by Jason Gares—so much so that, with two full builds still to be incorporated, the book has just passed the 300-page mark! The final page count is uncertain, but does look to be in excess of 400 at this stage.

The latest completed articles feature sculpting a Moon base, and painting a resin ‘Engineer’ bust from the movie Prometheus.

Stay tuned for more update and an official release announcement!

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“Building Large Scale Sci-fi & Fantasy Models” Reaches the Halfway Mark!

Our next eBook Build Guide title, “Building Large Scale Sci-fi & Fantasy Models”, by Jason Gares, has reached the halfway point in its production, with four of the eight build articles having now been completed. We’re aiming to complete the remaining four ready for release by mid-year. Stay tuned for more news and information as the book develops, but in the interim, please enjoy some sample pages from the articles finished so far:

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Luftwaffe Bundled Expanded to 4 Titles!

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just expanded our Luftwaffe Bundle from 2 to 4 titles! It now includes the following 4 eBooks from our catalogue:

This reduces the collective price for these 4 titles to just 45 Australian dollars. The description for each book can be found on their respective product pages, accessible via the links above.

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4th Anniversary Sale!

31 March 2021 represents the 4th anniversary of KLP Publishing—the day we launched the business four years ago! To celebrate, we’re having a week-long 20% Off sale. Simply use the coupon code FOURYEARS during checkout, and you’ll receive 20% off the total value of your cart. That coupon code again:


It has certainly been an interesting four years, and I’d like to thank all of you for your support and patronage throughout this time. We’re grateful for the small success we’ve had, and plan for 2021 to be our biggest year yet!

Stay tuned for more news, updates, and announcements as they happen, and don’t forget to use the coupon code FOURYEARS and grab some bargains! Sale ends 4 April 2021.

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Announcing “Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models”!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our next eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models. This book is written by Jason Gares, of Video Workbench fame, and will feature no less then eight builds of sci-fi & fantasy figures and models.

This book is the distillation of a series of build articles that Jason wrote for the now-defunct Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller magazine.

We start with Jason’s awarding-winning vignette of Star Wars droids, featuring kits from Bandai:

Next up is the Dragon Models Hulk kit:

This is followed by a Lost in Space diorama from the Lunar Models resin kit, entitled “Invaders from the Fifth Dimension”:

Our fourth build features the rare Quarantine Studios unpainted Mars Attacks statue:

Next, we pivot slightly while Jason explains how to create and cast a Moon base:

Returning to large scale figures, Jason paints an ‘Engineer’ bust from the movie Prometheus, sculpted by Apikitt L. Highway:

Moving away from figures yet again, our second-to-last feature showcases the Masterpiece Models Time Machine kit, from the 1960 film:

And finally, we round the book out with a boutique sculpture from Spyda Creations, called Tournament Challenge:

Stay tuned for more news and information as work progresses! We estimate that the book will be ready some time in Q2, 2021.