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20% Off Sale this Weekend!

With our 10th Anniversary just a mere 8 years away, we thought we might have an early (some would say premature!) celebratory sale. So, for the duration of this coming weekend, all purchases will be discounted by 20% when you checkout. All you have to do (and this is important!) is use the coupon code twentyoff when you checkout. The discount will then apply to the entire value of your cart. Easy!

Please visit our webstore to grab some bargains:

And don’t forget that coupon code: twentyoff

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Announcing “Building the Revell P-51D-5NA Mustang in 1/32 Scale”!

I’m pleased to announced that work has begun on our next title in the Build Guide Series! Entitled Building the Revell P-51D-5NA Mustang in 1/32 Scale, it’s written by Jan Gabauer, and as the title suggests, it features the new-tool Revell 1/32 scale P-51D Mustang.

Revell’s new-tool P-51D kit in 1/32 scale.

Jan guides you through building and painting the kit, using a small selection of aftermarket parts to enhance the build. Jan finishes the model as “Hurry Home Honey”, flown by Pete Peterson of the 357th Fighter Group, using a combination of the kit decals and an aftermarket set from Zoukei-Mura.

Jan Gabauer’s excellent build of “Hurry Home Honey”, featuring the new Revell P-51D kit.

Stay tuned for more details about the book as they come to hand, including a release date!

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Why Digital?

I’m often asked about why we don’t offer print versions of our books, so I thought I’d take some time to answer this question, and to fully explain our decision to focus on digital books.

Having owned, reviewed, or otherwise been exposed to a great many modelling guides over the years, I began to notice that many of them shared the same set of unavoidable shortcomings. These were largely due to the limitations of the print format, and not necessarily any fault of the good people involved in their production.

The print process for books and magazines is complex and expensive, and necessarily entails a high level of risk—no publisher or author wants to get lumbered with a warehouse full of unsold books and a substantial financial loss. In print, pages cost money, and none more so than the glossy, heavily illustrated variety. Therefore, one of the overarching constraints of the print medium is the need to keep the page count to a financially-viable maximum, and this often manifests itself in text and images that are too small, and cramped layouts that can be difficult to follow at times.

It seemed to me that the best way to solve these issues would be to avoid print altogether.

Our Manifesto

The decision to go with a digital format opens up a range of possibilities and options not readily available in print, and collectively they drive our content first ethos. Rather than treat digital publishing as a poor cousin of print publishing, we decided to exploit the inherent advantages of the medium to the benefit of the reader.

To that end, our primary guiding principle is let the content determine the page count. Our books are as long (or as short) as they need to be to convey the relevant content appropriately, and if additional content surfaces, we can add that in too, without fear of breaking some arbitrary page count limit. In effect, there is no page limit.

The freedom to design books of any page length allows us to use larger font sizes, and to display images at the maximum size allowable. This approach requires more pages for a given amount of content, but we’ve already seen that this is not a problem.

Build photos are not tiny thumbnails, and a single image may in fact occupy up to half the available space on a page:

Walkaround images, where included, are displayed as large as possible, and a single photograph may even occupy an entire page:

Finished gallery images are not cluttered with competing text and graphics:

One of our recent titles, Building Mac’s Birddog in 1/32 Scale, features a 53-page walkaround of the O-1 Birddog, while our book Building the Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV Late in 1/32 Scale contains a 27-page tutorial on painting wood-grain effects on propellors. Neither of these sections would have been viable in a printed book, and would have needed to be substantially reduced.

But, I Like Physical Books!

Yeah, we understand that, and we do too! We’re not proposing that printed books are redundant, or that you have to pledge your allegiance to one camp or the other. We simply feel that the nature of the content we plan to publish is better served in a digital format, and conversely, is not viable in the print medium. Some of our planned titles will cover specialised or niche modelling topics, and would be completely untenable as printed books. We wish that there were a workable compromise for this impasse, and if we find one, we will certainly explore it!

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic, either here in the comments, or on our Facebook page.


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Whenever I find myself in a bit of a modelling funk, and for whatever reason I can’t seem to drag myself to the workbench, I often find it helpful to just grab a kit that’s outside my comfort zone or usual area of interest, and put it together without worrying too much about accuracy or detail. I call this having a modelling holiday, and as often as not I turn to sci-fi subjects for the answer.

Recently I found myself once again in need of such a modelling holiday, and reached into the stash for the Diamond Select Toys 1/8 scale Deadpool figure. It’s a snap-together kit that’s more of a toy than a sophisticated model, but looks the part when completed.

It was certainly good to be back at the workbench again, but now I think it’s time to build some more aircraft!

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20% Off for 2020 Sale – Last Day!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’ve extended our Welcome to 2020 sale by another 24 hours, to accommodate all the possible timezones around our planet. This means it will now finish at the end of the day (midnight) on January 8, AEDST (GMT +11).

Just use the coupon code 2020 at checkout to receive 20% off the total value of your cart.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us during the sale so far—we love your work!

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20% Off for 2020 Sale – Two Days to Go!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that our Welcome to 2020 sale is now down to its last two days, and will finish at the end of the day on January 7, AEDST (GMT +11).

Simply use the coupon code 2020 at checkout to receive 20% off the value of your cart. Easy!

Please visit our webstore to take advantage of the sale:

And don’t forget that coupon code: 2020.

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Welcome to 2020 20% Off Sale!

As we leave the 2010s behind, and prepare to enter what we all hope will be another edition of the “roaring twenties”, we’ve decided to celebrate the coming new year and new decade with a 20% off sale.

Simply use the coupon code 2020 at checkout to receive 20% off the value of your cart. Easy!

The sale starts now, and will run until 7 January 2020—so you have an entire week to grab some bargains!

Please visit our webstore to take advantage of the sale:

And don’t forget that coupon code: 2020.

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Back from New Zealand!

My family and I returned safely from New Zealand this morning, disembarking from the Golden Princess at Port Melbourne around 8.30am. We had a wonderful trip, and look forward to returning to New Zealand some day to explore more of this wonderful country. I think next time we’ll fly, however!

Below is the only aviation-related photo I was able to take during the trip, taken at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch:

Thank you all for your patience during my absence!

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Off to New Zealand!

Tomorrow afternoon my time (24 November 2019), my family and I board the Golden Princess for a 13-day cruise to and around New Zealand. This is our first proper holiday in 20 years! I will have only limited and expensive access to the Internet while I’m away, so consequently I won’t be able to respond to enquiries as quickly as I like to. If you purchase one of our books and have any issues with the process, send me an email as usual, but please allow some extra time for me to get back to you. At worst it will be two weeks, and I thank you in advance for your patience.

See you all in two weeks! Which reminds me, I better go pack…

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Flying the KLP Flag at Telford!

Scale ModelWorld, held in Telford (UK) every year, is one of the world’s largest model shows, with visitors attending from all over the world, and large contest, vendor, and club sections. As it happens, the 2019 show is happening this coming weekend, November 9 & 10. For many of us who live outside the UK, it’s on our Bucket List of modelling events to attend in our lifeftime. And while I wish I could announce that I will be attending this year, thanks to a collaboration with Large Scale Planes and IPMS(UK) 32SIG, KLP Publishing will at least have a small token presence on the LSP/32SIG table.

Be sure to stop by and see the guys and say hello! Thanks to Dave Langmead for his assistance in bringing this together.

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v1.1 of “Building the Revell P-51D” Released

Due to an oversight on my part (mea culpa!), I’ve had to make a small amendment to our newly-launched book, Building the Revell P-51D-5NA in 1/32 Scale. All new purchasers will obviously get the new version, but if you’ve already purchased the book, you can log in to your account and download it from your purchase history.

Before anyone panics, however, be assured that the amendment does not affect the book’s content, and in fact consists of a copyright attribution for Juanita Franzi’s artwork that I forgot to include in the launch version. My apologies to Juanita for this oversight! Thanks to the nature of digital publishing, this becomes a very easy mistake to fix.

Many thanks to everyone who has purchased the book so far!

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Building the Revell P-51D is Now Available!

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of Jan Gabauer‘s new eBook, Building the Revell P-51D-5NA in 1/32 Scale!

In this 95-page eBook, Jan builds, paints, and weathers the new Revell 1/32 P-51D kit to produce an excellent rendition of Major Richard A. Peterson’s “Hurry Home Honey”.

The book features not only Jan’s terrific build guide, but also artwork by Juanita Franzi, a review of the kit itself, and an extensive set of appendices covering applicable aftermarket products and reference works.

It’s available now for only 12 Australian dollars!