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20% Off Sale this Weekend!

With our 10th Anniversary just a mere 8 years away, we thought we might have an early (some would say premature!) celebratory sale. So, for the duration of this coming weekend, all purchases will be discounted by 20% when you checkout. All you have to do (and this is important!) is use the coupon code twentyoff when you checkout. The discount will then apply to the entire value of your cart. Easy!

Please visit our webstore to grab some bargains:

And don’t forget that coupon code: twentyoff

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New Luftwaffe Bundled Released!

We’ve just launched our second eBook bundle, this time bringing together our first two books on Luftwaffe subjects: the HpH 1/32 Fw 189, and the Revell 1/32 He 219A-7.

Building the HpH Fw 189 ‘Uhu’ in 1/32 Scale

In Building the HpH Fw 189, Jan Gabauer tackles the impressive mixed-media 1/32 scale Fw 189 kit from HpH Models. Jan navigates the complexities of the build with aplomb, offering tips for working with resin assemblies, and overcoming the particular challenges of this kit.

This book is a 66-page downloadable PDF.

Building the Revell He 219A-7 in 1/32 Scale

In Building the Revell He 219A-7, renowned UK modeller Iain Ogilvie tackles the Revell 1/32 scale He 219A-7 kit, finishing it to a superb standard. Along with plenty of hints and tips throughout the build, Iain navigates a simple but ingenious way of correcting the kit’s major flaw: misshapen engine nacelles that are set at an incorrect angle.

This book is a 101-page downloadable PDF.

This new bundle is available in our web shop for 20 Australian dollars:

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Announcing “Building the Revell P-51D-5NA Mustang in 1/32 Scale”!

I’m pleased to announced that work has begun on our next title in the Build Guide Series! Entitled Building the Revell P-51D-5NA Mustang in 1/32 Scale, it’s written by Jan Gabauer, and as the title suggests, it features the new-tool Revell 1/32 scale P-51D Mustang.

Revell’s new-tool P-51D kit in 1/32 scale.

Jan guides you through building and painting the kit, using a small selection of aftermarket parts to enhance the build. Jan finishes the model as “Hurry Home Honey”, flown by Pete Peterson of the 357th Fighter Group, using a combination of the kit decals and an aftermarket set from Zoukei-Mura.

Jan Gabauer’s excellent build of “Hurry Home Honey”, featuring the new Revell P-51D kit.

Stay tuned for more details about the book as they come to hand, including a release date!

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Sadly, I’ve had to turn off commenting on some older posts due to a deluge of comment spam, and I may have to disable it for more posts yet. These spammy scumbags certainly are persistent!

I’ll try to leave commenting open for all new posts, and deal with the spam as it comes in. All comments are moderated, so the junk ones never see the public light of day, thankfully; but they’re still a royal pain to deal with!

Thanks everyone for your understanding.


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Building the Revell He 219 is Now Available!

After a protracted development period, I’m pleased to announce that our latest eBook, Building the Revell He 219A-7 in 1/32 Scale, by renowned UK modeller Iain Ogivlie, is now available!

In this 101-page eBook, Iain tackles the Revell 1/32 scale He 219A-7 kit, finishing it to a superb standard. Along with covering the construction, painting, decalling, and weathering of the model, Iain navigates a simple but ingenious way of correcting the kit’s major flaw: misshapen engine nacelles that are set at an incorrect angle.

Along with Iain’s terrific build, the book also features a a review of the base kit, a selection of photos taken of the real He 219 a NASM, and a set of appendices covering available aftermarket products and reference books.

The book is available from our web shop for 15 Australian dollars.

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Black Friday Sale!

I’m pleased to announce our very first Black Friday sale! From now until midnight, Monday 26 November Australian Eastern Daylight Time (over the weekend, basically, accounting for various timezones), using the coupon code blackfriday at checkout will give you a 20% discount on the contents of your cart. There are no restrictions in terms of which titles are applicable, or how many you can have in your cart (up to one of each).

That coupon code again: blackfriday

Hop over to our shop to take advantage.

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Paul Fisher – $27,000 Raised Now!

The GoFundMe campaign for Paul Fisher has now raised over $27,000 for Paul and his family! Thanks again to one and all for your unrivalled generosity. Here’s the latest update from Paul, as posted on Facebook:

Well…We are beginning to get settled in to our kids home in Centennial, Colorado.Again, a giant thank you to all of you for your help and support.My Mom is securely settled into a very nice little care home only 8 minutes away so we can see her any time, and here’s a picture of what remains of our home of 22 years in Paradise.Going from left to right, you can see the remains of the barn, then the workshop, then the house.So many great memories of friends and family wrapped up here it’s impossible to describe except to say we created the home we wished we’d grown up in.Love to all, Paul

As you can see from Paul’s photo above, the devastation has been total, and Paul and his family have been left with nothing. Please donate if you can, as Paul will need all the support he can get—no amount is too small! Here’s that link again:

Many thanks to everyone who has so generously contributed so far.

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Paul Fisher – $20,000 Raised So Far!

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Paul’s supporters, and the modelling community at large, we’ve managed to raise a staggering US$20,000 to aid Paul and his family in less than 4 days. This is double our initial goal, and an amazing show of support. We’ll continue to accept donations for as long as they continue to come in.

Here’s a brief message from Paul:

Much like the old guy in the Monty Python movie, “I’m not dead yet,” and it’s all thanks to the generosity of you folks, Susy and I {as well as the doggies} are simply overwhelmed , there are no words for how grateful we are for your help.We really did get out with just what we were wearing and an old hard drive…As much as you think you’re prepared, you’re not.

Anyway, we don’t yet know when we can rebuild and get back in harness, but rest assured I will keep you posted.For now, just know how much we appreciate this, and I even told my Mom.

You folks are the Best!


I’ll post another progress update in the near future.