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v2.0 of “Building Brick’s Sabre” Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that our very first title (released way back in July of 2017), Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale by Eric Galliers, has been given a comprehensive makeover, and bumped up to v2.0! We’ve completely revised the layout on some pages, and tweaked almost all the others, along with some typographical tidy-ups and general spit-and-polish. The price remains at 15 Australian dollars.

Existing purchasers are able to access the updated version for free. Simply log in to your account (or use your original download link) and re-download the book from the Downloads section of your profile. If you don’t have an account or the original download link, please contact me and we’ll sort it out. And of course, new purchasers will always receive the latest version.

Our next release is imminent, so stay tuned for more news and updates as they come to hand!

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“Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale” Now On Sale!

Our very first title, Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale: A Scale Tribute to K.J. “Brick” Bricknell, by Eric Galliers, turns 5 today! To celebrate, for the next 5 days we’ve reduced the price by a massive 33% to just 10 Australian dollars.

“…this is what a model book should be like in this format…”
– John Svendsen, Australia

“…it’s excellent. Not only a great how to, but a lot of back story of the Aussy Sabre and the pilot. That said, the real good part is the customer service.”
– Chuck Cook, USA

“This is a book written by modeller for modeller and it shows. The text is clear and concise and the pictures crisp. The additional history and words from the pilot really do add to the story of the aircraft. Highly recommended.”
– Julien Dixon, Britmodeller review

So head on over to our webstore and grab yourselves a bargain!

And stay tuned for the imminent announcement of our next project…

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Quick v1.3 Update to “Building Brick’s Sabre”

What was I saying earlier about crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s? Turns out, I jumped the gun slightly with the v1.2 update of Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale. One of the only two reference books I could find that covered the CAC Sabre turns out to have never actually been published! I got the story directly from the publisher’s mouth to my own ears, but won’t recount it here. Suffice it to say, this has now caused me to update the book yet again, to v1.3!

For sake of both transparency and posterity, I’ve left the entry in question in the book, but suitably amended and explained, should anybody else come across its mention in their searches.

Once again, mea culpa!

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v1.1 of “Building Brick’s Sabre” Now Available!

I’m pleased to announced that we’ve just released Version 1.1 of our very first title, Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale: A Scale Tribute to K.J. “Brick” Bricknell. This update is actually only very minor, featuring a few tiny layout tweaks, and the addition of a rear cover page. That’s it!

Being a digital publication means this kind of update is very easy to do, and we will continue to update all our books in this fashion any time it becomes appropriate or necessary.

This new update is free to download for anyone who has already purchased this book. If you have an account with us, simply log in and download a new copy of the book from Downloads section of your account. Otherwise, the download link contained in your original purchase notification email should still be valid.

If neither of these scenarios applies to you, and you’d still like to download your updated copy, create a customer account here on the website, and then contact me so that I can associate your purchase with your new account. Once that is done, you can log in and download it from your purchase history.

And of course, if you haven’t purchased Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale: A Scale Tribute to K.J. “Brick” Bricknell at all yet, you’re more than welcome to do so!