At KLP Publishing, we specialise in digital books (“eBooks”) for scale aircraft modellers. Our books are intended to exploit the digital format, and as such are not limited to an arbitrary page count; they are as long or as short as required to cover the topic properly. They feature large-format images and large font sizes to reduce the need to zoom in or squint.

Our Build Guides are also product agnostic, meaning we don’t have affiliations with any particular product manufacturer, nor are we trying to sell you any weathering or finishing products. Our authors use a wide range of products with their builds, and choose whatever works for them to solve their respective modelling challenges. Wherever practicable, we include details and photos of these products, so that there’s no confusion about what they are

Our Build Guides feature large, clear photos and text, along with product images and information where practicable. [This page screenshot is taken from our book Building the Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV Late in 1/32 Scale.]

Our layouts are clear and uncluttered, and deliberately free of any design conceits that interfere with the readability or legibility of the content.

Our current product range is split into three major book categories:

  • Build Guide Series
    • Books in this series generally focus on building a particular kit, with the usual and expected hints & tips for construction, painting, finishing, and weathering. Additional elements might consist of dedicated tutorial sections, walkaround photos, or other content relating to the particular kit or subject being covered. Where applicable, a set of appendices will be included that cover available aftermarket products.
  • Build Special Series
    • Books in this series are similar to our standard Build Guides, but have special elements to them that go beyond merely building the kit. For example, two of our books feature tributes builds, dedicated to the specific pilots who flew those respective aircraft, and include pilot biographies, service reports, flying anecdotes, and the like. Other titles simply showcase an amazing build, sharing as many of the build’s secrets as possible, even though it may not be based on a kit at all.
  • Technique Series
    • We’re still working on the first title in our Technique Series, but as the name suggests, these books will focus on particular modelling techniques, with an emphasis on those elements that many modellers find challenging. For example, our first title in this series will cover every aspect of dealing with aircraft canopies and clear parts. There will be a particular focus on masking techniques, but we’ll also cover everything from removing the parts from the sprues to blending them in to fuselages.

Our Manifesto

I’m often asked about why we don’t offer print versions of our books, so we put together an article to answer this question, and to fully explain our decision to focus on digital books. It’s called Why Digital?, and explains why we’ve taken this particular approach to publishing.

Purchasing & Downloading Our Books

While the vast majority of purchases from our website go off without a hitch, we do receive the occasional email from customers experiencing issues. To address this, we’ve put together an article that explains how it all works, and what to do if things go wrong.

If you have an questions, enquiries, suggestions, or advice, please email me at kevin@klp.com.au.

Please note that all quoted prices for our books are in Australian dollars.