Steve Evans

Born and bred in a small shack somewhere in darkest South Wales, sometime during the last century, it quickly became apparent to my parents that I had a problem: I liked “aeroplanes”.

Their groans of despair soon turned to veritable squeals of delight when I made my first kit, a tiny 1/72 Airfix MiG-15 that came in a small plastic bag with the instructions stapled to the top. Built, flown and crashed all in one glorious afternoon. If I had nothing to build I would stand for hours, seemingly catatonic, gazing at the shelves in my local toy shop, at the unrestrained beauty of the Roy Cross artwork decorating the larger series Airfix kits. I was waiting for Christmas or a birthday to come along, so I could get my eager little mitts on them.

It took about 30(+) years for me to get any good at making them of course and in the mean time I discovered that there was a lot more to this hobby than just Airfix. Over the intervening years I’ve worked for a number of magazines who were desperate enough to print my work, including Scale Aviation Modeller International, Model Airplane International and Fine Scale Modeler. I wrote a whole book on How To Build Tamiya Beaufighters for ADH Publishing and now work primarily for Valiant Wings Publishing here in the UK and FineScale Modeler in the US.

Steve’s KLP Titles