John Kim

I was born in 1964 and have been interested in World War 2 aircraft for as long as I can remember.  That interest naturally progressed to model building as a child, using just glue and no paint.  I remember proudly hanging my creations from the ceiling of my bedroom using monofilament fishing line.  The model building stopped when I entered early adulthood.  Fast forward some thirty years and I’m now married with children and working as a Civil Engineer in Southern California.  A random visit to a local hobby shop sparked a new interest in the hobby and I have been building consistently for the last six years. Access to the global modeling community through the internet and burgeoning aftermarket industry are two stark differences in the hobby that I have noticed since my childhood days.  It’s been a joy to utilize these resources, to grow as a modeler, and to share my building journey with a larger community.  I like to describe my approach to scale modeling as “trying to create an impression” as opposed to trying to achieve total accuracy with my builds.  My other hobbies include fishing, photography and traveling when I have the opportunity.

Below is a selection of John’s models.

John’s KLP Titles