Chuck Wojtkiewicz

Hi, I’m Chuck Wojtkiewicz, sometimes known on ye old Internet as chukw. That fistful of vowels and consonants is pronounced voit-KEV-itch, by the way, just like it’s spelled. I’m a career artist, and have worked in newspaper graphic design, as a penciller in comics for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and many more. I’ve more recently worked as a concept and storyboard artist for computer animation, video games and a bit in film as well. These days I’m largely retired, but am open to any interesting jobs.

As a modeller, I started when I was about seven years old with an Aurora Batman kit I received on my birthday, and haven’t stopped since. In junior high I was introduced to Monogram Models’ Shepherd Paine diorama building pamphlets and modelling took on an entirely new dimension for me. I also began dabbling in balsa flying models, notably Guillow’s lovely offerings. Gundams and junk modelling found their way onto my workbench as well. My studio is still hung with a squadron of balsa free flight models in various stages of polish and distress.

It was when my lovely and supportive wife Marc and I moved to the LA area that I returned to plastic modelling with a vengeance. Photo-etch, resin, modern kits, decals, scratch-building, painting and weathering were new and exciting challenges. Likewise, the Internet opened up new vistas of reference, techniques and camaraderie—as well as strife—in the modelling community. I decided that I could help to promote modelling and do my best to be a positive role model by posting step-by-step online builds. Adding illustrations of cartoon characters and nose-art pin-up hostesses were a natural follow-on to my artistic career, as I was encouraged to shift my art production to go all-digital. My model posting became a laboratory for drawing on a video tablet. Whether I’ve succeeded as a positive and entertaining role model is up to you decide, dear reader.

Chuck’s KLP Titles