Kent Karlsen

I was born in Denmark in 1963. I began modelling in my early teens, doing mostly 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft. When I finished elementary school, I stopped modelling altogether. I started my education and later my working career. I was educated as a carpenter and later continued getting an education as a Building Constructor. After finishing my education, I was working for several Architectural Bureaus for 25 years, mostly working with designing CAD drawings, architectural models, 3D models, for visualisations and renderings to be used in architectural contests.

In 2010 I was retired and began looking for a hobby. In the family we have an artistic vein, for drawing and painting, so I picked this up for a couple of years, later I slowly began returning to modelling. Now this has become my favourite hobby. I’m almost exclusively working with 1/32 scale models because it adds the possibility to focus on detailing the builds. My favourite part is scratch building and doing aircraft dioramas in 1/32 scale. Wherever I can, I try to add an historical context to the projects. I am also trying not to get too entrenched into one topic only, working in different eras and subjects.

Below is a selection of Kent’s models:

Kent’s KLP Titles