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“Building the Fly Ar 234” Now Updated and On Sale!

The fifth title in our Build Guide Series, Building the Fly Arado Ar 234 in 1/32 Scale by Kent Karlsen, had its fourth anniversary earlier this week, but I was away celebrating our 25th anniversary with my wife at the time! So to celebrate both these occasions (one clearly more momentous than the other), I’ve just updated this book to v2.2 with a few typographical and layout improvements, and temporarily reduced the price to just 12 Australian dollars.

This a free update for all existing purchasers, and of course new purchasers will always receive the latest version of any of our books.

In order to obtain your free update, simply re-download the book using either the original download link in your Order Confirmation email, or log in to your KLP account and download it from the Downloads section of your profile. If you don’t have either, please contact me and we’ll sort it out.

And of course, if you don’t have this one, for the next 7 days you can purchase it even more cheaply than usual!

Stay tuned for news of our next release soon.

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