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Paul Fisher – $20,000 Raised So Far!

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Paul’s supporters, and the modelling community at large, we’ve managed to raise a staggering US$20,000 to aid Paul and his family in less than 4 days. This is double our initial goal, and an amazing show of support. We’ll continue to accept donations for as long as they continue to come in.

Here’s a brief message from Paul:

Much like the old guy in the Monty Python movie, “I’m not dead yet,” and it’s all thanks to the generosity of you folks, Susy and I {as well as the doggies} are simply overwhelmed , there are no words for how grateful we are for your help.We really did get out with just what we were wearing and an old hard drive…As much as you think you’re prepared, you’re not.

Anyway, we don’t yet know when we can rebuild and get back in harness, but rest assured I will keep you posted.For now, just know how much we appreciate this, and I even told my Mom.

You folks are the Best!


I’ll post another progress update in the near future.

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Paul Fisher Needs Our Help!

Many scale modellers will be aware of Paul Fisher, who owns and runs Fisher Model & Pattern. Paul has been providing resin kits and conversions to aircraft and car modellers for decades, and is a stalwart of the industry. Sadly, Paul recently lost his house and workshop in the California fires, and his livelihood along with them. In conjunction with the team at Large Scale Planes, I’ve created a GoFundMe campaign to provide Paul with some short-term financial assistance, while he gets back on his feet.

Please click on the link below to donate if you’re able to. Any amount is acceptable!

Thanks to the amazing generosity of so many of Paul’s customers, fans, and supporters, we’ve already raised nearly half of the initial US$10,000 goal in less than 6 hours!

Please help if you can.

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Announcing our Next Book – Building the Revell He 219 in 1/32 Scale!

I’m pleased to announce that our next title focusses on the Revell 1/32 He 219 kit, and is titled—appropriately enough—Building the Revell He 219A-7 in 1/32 Scale. This will be number 3 in our Build Guide series, and is written by well-know UK modeller Iain Ogilvie.

Iain’s expert build not only shows you how to assemble and paint the kit, but also deals with how to fix some tricky issues with the kit’s engine nacelles.

While there’s no set publication date at this stage, work on the book is well under way, and I hope to bring you some more news soon.

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20% Off Sale!

I’m pleased to announce our very first sale! From now until midnight, 8 October Australian Eastern Daylight Time (over the weekend, basically, accounting for various timezones), using the coupon code twentyoff at checkout will give you a 20% discount on the contents of your cart. There are no restrictions in terms of which titles are applicable, or how many you can have in your cart (up to one of each).

That coupon code again: twentyoff

Hop over to our shop to take advantage.

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Free eBook! Building the Revell X-Wing in 1/48 Scale

So, what do you do with content that has intrinsic value, but is hard to include in your existing product line? Create a new product line! This new 16-page eBook sees the advent of a new Build Article Series, which will feature the occasional brief, article-length guide that doesn’t fit any of our usual formats.

And Building the Revell X-Wing in 1/48 Scale, by Steve A. Evans, certainly fits the bill. It’s a targetted, 16-page build of the Revell (ex-Fine Molds) 1/48 scale X-Wing kit, and we’re offering it as a free download. Click on the “Read More” button below to visit the product page and download your copy.

Building the Revell X-Wing in 1/48 Scale

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New Sabre / Birddog Bundle!

Our second book, Building Mac’s Birddog in 1/32 Scale, has just celebrated its first anniversary, so we thought we might bundle it together with its predecessor, Building Brick’s Sabre in 1/32 Scale, and offer them together at a discounted price.

Sabre / Birddog Bundle

Both books are by Eric Galliers, and feature tributes to two fine RAAF airmen, and the aircraft they flew.

Normally $15 each, this bundle can be had for a mere $25!

All quoted prices are in Australian dollars.

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v1.1 of “Building the HpH Fw 189” Now Available!

An eagle-eyed customer has pointed out a minor error in the text of the new Uhu book, so I’ve just finished uploading v1.1, which corrects this error. If you’ve already bought the book, you can re-download the new version free-of-charge via your original download link. New purchasers will of course get the latest version by default.
Thanks to everyone who has purchased the book so far!
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“Building the HpH Fw 189” is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announced that Jan Gabauer’s Building the HpH Fw 189 ‘Uhu’ in 1/32 Scale is now available!

This 66-page eBook sees Jan tackle the impressive mixed-media 1/32 scale Fw 189 kit from HpH Models. The majority of the kit parts are cast in polyurethane resin, augmented with turned metal and photo-etched parts, paint masks, and HGW ‘wet transfers’. A set of HGW ‘fabric’ seat belts is also included, making for a complex kit and a potentially challenging build.

Jan navigates the complexities of the build with aplomb, offering tips for working with resin assemblies, and overcoming the particular challenges of this kit. The process is very instructive, and results are quite spectacular!

The book is available as a downloadable PDF for just 8 Australian dollars (AUD$8). Click on the link or image above to visit the product page and purchase the book.

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Announcing our next Build Guide featuring the HpH 1/32 Fw 189!

I’m pleased to announce that the next title in our Build Guide Series will feature the 1/32 scale Fw 189 kit from HpH Models. Entitled Building the HpH Fw 189 ‘Uhu’ in 1/32 Scale, and written by Jan Gabauer, this eBook will take you through the build process for this complex multi-media kit.

Jan’s build is exceptional, and shows just what can be achieved with the right approach.

Please stay tuned for more news on this release in the coming weeks!

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v1.4 of Building Race #80 is Now Available!

As we know, nothing in this world is perfect—least of all the process of publishing a book! Feedback from readers and contributors has led to some further refinements of the new Spitfire book, and this has resulted in v1.4 now being available. New purchasers will receive this latest version by default, but existing owners can also update their copy by re-downloading the book (please see the article Purchasing and Downloading Our Books for more information).

Hopefully there won’t be a v1.5!