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Peter Castle’s Spitfire Book Turns 4!

The third book in our Build Special Series, Peter Castle‘s amazing Building Race #80 Spitfire Mk XIVe in 1/18 Scale, turns four years old today! And to celebrate, for the next four days, we’ve reduced its price to just 18 Australian dollars.

This 567-page eBook features Peter‘s award-winning conversion of the HpH Models 1/18 Seafire 47 to represent a Spitfire XIVe—specifically, Race #80, as flown by James McArthur in the Tinnerman Air Races at Cleveland, Ohio, on September 4th 1949. The model won the National Senior Champion award (among many others) at Scale Model World in Telford in November 2017, and its construction is presented here in forensic detail.

“Hands down one of the best modelling books I’ve ever read.”
– Chris Becker, Australia

“An excellent tour de force. I like the format very much and it is easy to follow, thorough.
Peter Castle is the dedicated modeler that my book was intended to help. That he took his effort to such an extreme is truly amazing. He deserves every award and recognition coming his way. People say “it’s not brain surgery” but in his case I would have to say “it’s exactly that”. Such fine detail, the making of thousands of parts, developing techniques to make each part. Awesome!”
Paul Monforton, Canada

“Too bad there’s not an option for more than five stars! It’s hard to find builds more detailed or more interesting than the subjects Peter undertakes and Race 80 might be the icing on the metaphorical cake. You will not be disappointed with this book – over 500 pages of photos and text describing the build and showing some techniques that many model builders have probably not attempted before.”
– Mike Swinburne, USA

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