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v1.1 of “Building the Trumpeter P-47D” Now Available!

Hands up those of you who keep writing the previous year into your dates long into the new one. Yeah, me too—right into the publication date on the Copyright page of our current book! D’oh!

While hardly the most egregious error you could imagine, being the obsessive type means I couldn’t let it remain uncorrected, and so now we have v1.1 of Building the Trumpeter P-47D Razorback in 1/32 Scale by John Kim. This is obviously not considered an urgent update!

This is of course a free download for all existing purchasers, and new purchasers will always received the latest version. To confirm which version of any of our books you might have, check the version number at the bottom of Page iii:

In order to obtain your free update, simply re-download the book using either the original download link in your Order Confirmation email, or log in to your KLP account and download it from the Downloads section of your profile. If you don’t have either, please contact me and we’ll sort it out.

2024 is already shaping up to be a big year at KLP Publishing, so stay tuned!

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