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Paul Fisher – $27,000 Raised Now!

The GoFundMe campaign for Paul Fisher has now raised over $27,000 for Paul and his family! Thanks again to one and all for your unrivalled generosity. Here’s the latest update from Paul, as posted on Facebook:

Well…We are beginning to get settled in to our kids home in Centennial, Colorado.Again, a giant thank you to all of you for your help and support.My Mom is securely settled into a very nice little care home only 8 minutes away so we can see her any time, and here’s a picture of what remains of our home of 22 years in Paradise.Going from left to right, you can see the remains of the barn, then the workshop, then the house.So many great memories of friends and family wrapped up here it’s impossible to describe except to say we created the home we wished we’d grown up in.Love to all, Paul

As you can see from Paul’s photo above, the devastation has been total, and Paul and his family have been left with nothing. Please donate if you can, as Paul will need all the support he can get—no amount is too small! Here’s that link again:

Many thanks to everyone who has so generously contributed so far.

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