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Don’t Forget to Download Your Purchases!

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to remember to download the books you purchase from us here at KLP Publishing. I’m currently sitting on a list of 15 customers who have failed to download their purchases for some reason over the past several months. I’ve reached out to each of you twice via email, using the email address supplied in your order—once from my KLP email address, and once again using a Gmail account. If you didn’t receive your order confirmation email containing the download links, or either of the follow-up emails, please contact me and we’ll sort it out. If you’re simply not sure of the download process, I’ve written a handy guide that should answer any of your questions:

As outlined in that article, if you created (or were logged into) an account while making the purchase, then the books will always be available from the Downloads section of your profile.

Occasionally a customer will make a purchase without understanding that all our books are digital-only, and will quietly sit and wait for something to arrive in the post. While this is unfortunate, and a refund is available upon request (provided the books have not already been downloaded), most are happy to download the digital book once they realise their mistake. However, if you’re in this boat yourself, and now can’t find a download link, please contact me and we’ll rectify the situation.

If you’re not sure if this situation applies to you, or have any other questions, simple reach out through whatever channel suits you best (email, Facebook, Instagram or on the website), and I’ll do what I can to resolve the issue.

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