Yoav Efrati

Truly a new way of presenting airplane publications to the aviation enthusiast, much like technical manual revisions in the airline industry. I love looking at all the pictures on my iPad

Tim Hudson

I love the way you lay these ebooks out for easy reading and reference!

Jan Johansson

Please keep them coming, they are brilliant😉👍

Alan Lundeen

I love the books. They’re very informative, the photography is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and using them.

Dan Gregory

…these books are super for the price and packed with great info/techniques. When you consider most magazines are around $10 and full of adds, your books are 200 plus pages of detail and techniques and no adds. They are always on your computer, you can print a few pages for reference if you need them.

Rockie Yarwood

Anyone who hasn’t looked at this series should really check it out. All of the builds are top-notch and truly inspirational. Some of the best modeling references available at a price that can’t be beat!

Adam Dormer

You’re producing some great products here.

Brent Simpson

great subjects well presented at a really good price