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Remember to Download Your Purchases!

Thanks everyone for your support with regard to our latest releases! With that said, I suspect some of our customers are failing to realise that our books are digital in nature, and not the physical printed variety. I can only surmise that from the small number of purchases that are not being downloaded. I generally contact customers directly about this, but sometimes I don’t get a response, so perhaps in some cases the issue is that emails are not getting through.

Whatever the case, please don’t forget to download your books once you’ve purchased them! And if you don’t receive the order confirmation email containing the download links, please contact me! Other arrangements can be made, but remember that if you create an account on our website, you can log in and download anything you’ve purchased from the Downloads section of your account.

For more information, please see the following article our website:

Our next title, Building the Zoukei-Mura Ta 152H in 1/32 Scale, is progressing well, and on track for a September release!

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