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“Building the Zoukei-Mura Ta 152H in 1/32 Scale” is Now on Sale!

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the 7th title in our Build Guide Series, Building the Zoukei-Mura Ta 152H in 1/32 Scale by John Kim. To celebrate, for the next 5 days, we’ve reduced the price by 30% to just 10 Australian dollars!

In this 166-page eBook, John Kim takes you through the building, painting, and finishing of the terrific 1/32 scale Ta 152H kit from Zoukei-Mura.

Zoukei-Mura released two variants of the kit: an initial Ta 152H-1 kit, and a follow-up Ta 152H-0 release with refined tooling. Wanting to build a Ta 152H-0, but not being able to find the correct kit, John decided to take the earlier Ta 152H-1 release and backdate it to H-0 configuration. John takes us through not only the simple panel line modifications required for the backdating process, but also his building, painting, and weathering processes to produce the terrific model you see in the book.

The book also includes contributions from Jerry Crandall, Claes Sundin, and Richard Caruana, along with the usual appendices covering aftermarket products, decals and masks, and reference titles.

And as with all our books, should any updates be required, anyone who purchased the a prior version gets lifetime free access to all subsequent updated versions! All new purchasers will of course receive the updated version automatically.

So, jump on over to our webstore and grab yourself a bargain!

5 thoughts on ““Building the Zoukei-Mura Ta 152H in 1/32 Scale” is Now on Sale!

  1. How do I receive my free updates?
    Dennis Savage

    1. Hi Dennis,

      If you have an account with us, simply log in to it and retrieve the latest version from the Downloads section of your profile. If you purchased the book as a guest, then this won’t be the case (even if you had an account at the time of the purchase). There’s more information about this in the following article on our website:

      Note that the download link in your original order notification email should still be valid, so if you still have that email, you can use that link to retrieve the latest update.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


      1. Hi Kevin,
        Thank you very much for your very prompt reply.
        I do have an account, and downloaded ‘the file’.
        The file, which I downloaded, does not have the orange V1.1 ‘circle’ on it; does this make difference?

        1. Hi Dennis,

          The number on the cover is just for promotional and marketing purposes. The important number is at the bottom of the Copyright page (iii), which in your case should say “Version 1.1, December 2020”. Please let me know if it doesn’t!

          1. Hi,
            It does indeed – thank you very much – what a great service!!
            Now looking at latest list to see if you have any packages for 3 publications!!

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