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“Chevron and Cross” Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that our latest title, Chevron and Cross: Camouflage Paints and Camouflage Schemes of the Royal Hungarian Air Force, is now available!

In this 417-page eBook, author Károly Magó covers the camouflage paints and schemes of the Royal Hungarian Air Force from inception until 1945 in forensic detail. Using historical photos, original documentation, and extensive primary research, the author sets out to answer the following basic question: “whether the Hungarian Air Force had used Hungarian or German standardised colours and shades to paint the aircraft”.

Along with extensive discussion of the subject, the book features over 200 photos, dozens of original source documents, period advertisements, and colour comparisons using salvaged aircraft pieces. Written with a modeller’s eye, the book also includes 46 colour profiles by Viktor Szalai.

The book is available now for immediate purchase and download for 25 Australian dollars.

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