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Announcing “Building the Kitty Hawk T-6/Harvard in 1/32 Scale”!

I’m pleased to announce that the next title in our Build Guide Series will be Building the Kitty Hawk T-6/Harvard in 1/32 Scale, by Chuck Sawyer, along with a second build by yours truly.

The book will feature two builds, the first being my own out-of-box build to show how the kit goes together without resorting to any modifications or aftermarket products. The second, flagship build of the title will be Chuck Sawyer’s typically forensic examination of the kit, with many refinements and corrections to the kit parts, including relocating the main landing gear to a more accurate position.

Chuck Sawyer’s build of the Kitty Hawk T-6 as a Canadian Harvard.

In other news, Building the Hasegawa/Alley Cat Ki-100 in 1/32 Scale by Harvey Low has been delayed slightly while we await the final piece of the puzzle. It has also been re-framed as the second title in our Build Article Series. With any luck, it should see the light of day around the end of the month.

Stay tuned for more news and information as it comes to hand!

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