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“Building the British Phantoms Volume One” Well Received!

Our latest title, Building the British Phantoms Volume One by Geoff Coughlin, represents our most successful book launch to date. And the feedback has been equally positive:

“All I can say is wow! When combined with the Richard Ward book on British phantom units, you have everything you need to build a decent FG.1”
– Paul Pendleton-Brown, UK

“…just started to go through it and it’s excellent!”
– John Laidlaw, USA

“Just bought a copy, it’s a whole new world in aircraft restoration in model form. 366 full color pages full of high resolution photos for only 20 Australian dollars. Bravo”
– Yoav Efrati, Israel

“Bought it the day it was released and it’s brilliant mate. Well done”
– Paul Harrison, Australia

“I have just started reading the Phantom book and WOW, I really like it. Thanks for putting it together, it will be a fantastic reference for anyone building the FG.1. I can’t wait to get the next volumes!”
– Don Harding, Singapore

“Just purchased it… If it isn’t already thought of as The gold standard for how these “how to model” guides should be done in the future, well, it needs to be !”
– Bruce Anders, Australia

This bodes well for the future of the series. If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, it’s available from our webstore for just 20 Australian dollars.

Volume Two is a work in progress, but will be delayed somewhat while Geoff recovers from some shoulder surgery. Stay tuned for news on other titles very soon, however!

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