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v1.2 of “Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros” Now Available!

I’m pleased to report that one of our most popular titles, Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.Va in 1/32 Scale by Karim Bibi, has just been updated to v1.2. This update introduces a range of typographical and layout improvements and tweaks, and the usual array of tidy-ups.

Existing purchasers are able to access the updated version for free. Simply log in to your account (or use your original download link) and re-download the book from the Downloads section of your profile. If you don’t have an account or the original download link, please contact me and we’ll sort it out. And of course, new purchasers will always receive the latest version.

See you all for the next one!

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v1.1 of “Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.Va” Now Available!

Our latest title, Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.Va in 1/32 Scale, by Karim Bibi, has only been available for two weeks, but has already received a substantial update! One aspect of Karim’s build that isn’t really covered in the book is the rigging, so we’ve brought across the 12-page rigging tutorial from the AEG G.IV book, and incorporated it into the Albatros book. Consequently, the book moves to v1.1 and 197 pages!

As always, this update is free to download for all existing purchasers, as long as you purchased it while logged into your account. If you didn’t, contact me directly to have this resolved. And if you haven’t created an account, do that first, and then get in touch. I will add the purchase to your account, and it will then be available to download from the Downloads section of your profile.

And of course, new purchasers will always receive the latest version of any book they buy.

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Printed Books?

As the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way! KLP customer Jan Hendricks has taken the unusual (and expensive!) step of having two of our books (Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.Va in 1/32 Scale and Building the Wingnut Wings AEG G.IV Late in 1/32 Scale) commercially printed and bound.

And I must say, they look quite impressive!

We’ll be looking into the viability of some print-on-demand services next year. But my question for you guys is this: what would you be willing to pay for physical, printed copies of our books?

Please leave a comment here, on our Facebook page, or even contact me directly, and share your thoughts on this idea. I’d love to hear them!

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Our Strongest Book Launch Yet!

Thanks to everyone who purchased Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.Va in 1/32 Scale for making its launch a huge success! It has already become our strongest book launch ever, and the feedback so far has been fantastic. The comment below, from Nuno Andresen in Portugal, sums it up nicely:

I purchased mine some days ago, read it thoroughly until last night and I am extremely well impressed with it. Beautiful build, spectacular painting, great reading and meticulously presented in a very consistent way that embraces all readers: from novices to experts. The digital format itself, and this has to be said, is an improvement over paper: in my iPad Pro it flows beautifully well and I can enlarge instantly every building detail I want to see sharper and larger. Pagination is pristine and the price is almost offered: it is meaningless. Congratulations to Karim Bibi! A spectacular model and a tremendous digital book. Highly recommended!

Thanks, Nuno!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, hop on over to our webstore and grab yourself a bargain.

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Albatros Book to Include Ronny Bar Artwork!

I’m pleased to announce that our next title, Building the Wingnut Wings Albatros D.Va in 1/32 Scale, by Karim Bibi, will include all-new profile artwork by Ronny Bar. Ronny has redrawn these profiles from scratch especially for this title, as the original artwork he did for Wingnut Wings was lost in a computer crash. Thanks, Ronny! I’ve attached a low-resolution teaser sample to whet your appetites.

Be assured that the examples that appear in the book will be much higher resolution, and without the watermark!

Stay tuned for more news and information as the book develops, either via our Facebook page, or by subscribing via email to the blog:

More news soon!