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Bandai Snowspeeder Addendum

Inspired by some other examples I’d seen online, I decided to have a go at filming a quick 360° video of my recently-completed Bandai Snowspeeder build. Turns out my old Hobby Tools (Trumpeter) motorised display turntable was kaput, which forced me to purchase a replacement. I wanted something bigger and better anyway, but after a frustrating few hours of reading (mostly negative) reviews, I managed to find just one on Amazon that seemed to fit the bill. Once duly purchased and delivered, I decided to, well, take it for a spin.

Not good! Garbage, in fact. I quickly determined that the main issue seemed to be that the base of the turntable didn’t sit flat on the table, but instead had quite a significant wobble. After taking a bastard file to two of the four moulded-in plastic feet, I was able to rectify the problem, but unfortunately it made no difference to the level of jitteriness exhibited by the Snowspeeder. It seems there’s just too much instability in the stand, exacerbated by the angle I set it at. I need to do some follow-up testing with other types of models, but I suspect anything with spindly undercarriage will produce similar results. My guess is most cars, AFVs, and figures would be fine.

So, disappointed but not defeated, I shall retreat to the hobby room for some more tinkering.

This video—a relative failure though it is—also represents a soft launch of the KLP Publishing YouTube channel. Even though there’s not a lot happening just yet, it would be fantastic—and much appreciated—if you could give it a “like and subscribe”, as they say. I’m also happy to take any suggestions for content you’d like to see.

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v1.1 of “Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models” Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that version 1.1 of our most recent title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, is now available! This version features an updated bio from Jason, and is free to download for all existing purchasers of the book. New buyers will automatically receive the latest version! All our books come with free lifetime upgrade support, which means that if you purchase any of our books, you’re entitled to download any updates that get released free of charge, in perpetuity.

For existing purchasers, you can either use the download link available in your original order confirmation email, or log in to your KLP account and download it from the Downloads section of your profile. If you’ve lost the email and don’t have an account, please see the article Purchasing and Downloading our Books for information about how to rectify this.

For new buyers, use the link below to visit our store and make your purchase:

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“Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models” is Now Available!

I’m pleased to announce that our latest eBook title, Building Large Scale Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models by Jason Gares, is now available!

In this 473-page eBook, Jason Gares (renowned author, modeller, and host of the recently-retired Video Workbench YouTube channel) compiles a terrific series of articles he originally wrote for the now-defunct Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller magazine.

The book’s flagship feature kicks things off with a massive 80-plus page build article on Jason’s fantastic Star Wars vignette, These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For.

The seven articles that follow it cover a terrific range of sci-fi and fantasy modelling, including building and painting figures, making bases, building resin kits, and doing your own resin casting.


This digital title is available in two editions: Standard and Signed. If you choose the Signed edition, Jason will send you a signed and personalised digital certificate via email upon completion of your order. (Please be aware that this option requires some manual handling, so a allow a little time for Jason to do his thing.)

All this for just 20 Australian dollars, or $23 for the Signed edition! Go grab a copy now.